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Capital of Bangladesh

What is the capital of Bangladesh

  • Initially Bangladesh is a country of the continent of Asia and is located in the southeastern part of it, Bangladesh means the land of Bengal and its name derives from the pronunciation of the sun god.
  • The capital is Dhaka, the country’s industrial, commercial and agricultural centre, and is the administrative capital of Bangladesh.

History of Dhaka City

Dhaka dates back to 1000 BC, but the capital of Bangladesh became the capital of the Mongols of Bengal in the seventeenth century, where the English and Dutch built many factories before joining British rule in 1765, and the Pakistani army handed over the city to the Indian Army in 1971.

The capital of Bangladesh is divided into three distinct sections, an ancient area consisting of streets and old quarters, a modern area called Ramna with a lot of government headquarters, tourist places, hotels, modern buildings and an industrial zone that includes a lot of factories in the capital of Bangladesh.

Landmarks of the capital of Bangladesh

  • Temple of Dekshwari.
  • Parakarta Palace
  • Lal Bagh Fort
  • Tara Mosque or Star.
  • Beit Al , Makram Mosque
  • The University of Dhaka which was established in 1921.
  • For the Qur’anic University of Labagh.
  • Legitimate University of Mali Bagh.

What does the name Dhaka mean?

  • It is a name taken from the word dakk tree, and was widespread in Bangladesh and Asia in general.
  • It is also likely taken from the word Dekishwari, meaning the hidden god, and his mausoleum in western Dhaka.
  • As for the name Bangladesh means, the land of Bengal and is divided into two parts, the first is Bangla, which means the word Bengal, while the other is Dash, which means the word land.
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Climate in the capital Dhaka

The geographical location of the city is related to the climate, and to get acquainted with the climate in the city of Delka is part of the answer to our article What is the capital of Bangladesh and where it is also located:

  • Average temperature is 26°C, or 79°F.
  • The average rainfall is 2123 millimeters per year.
  • Also, due to the mild and distinctive climate of the city, many of the parks in Dhaka have grown and prospered such as Shishu Park, Ramna and also Suhrawardi Park.
  • There were many lakes, including Lake Danmondi and also Lake Crescent Lake.

Industrial field in Dhaka City

  • The city of Dhaka has many factories including cotton yarn and garment fabric factories, and jute yarn making plants.
  • Household crafts are also scattered in Dhaka, the most important of which is the craft of confectionery, embroidery and seashells.
  • Colonialism eliminated the gauze industry, one of the most important industries for which Dhaka City is known.

Agriculture in Dhaka City

  • It is an agricultural place with a large population, an area whose land is fertile but subject to flooding.
  • Agriculture in Dhaka City may also flourish, as a result of its high fertility and widespread labour.
  • Most of its economic revenues come from crop trade, and on top of these crops is jute.
  • Dhaka also trades in rice, sugar and tea trees of all kinds.
  • A minus of cultivation is the exposure of the area to flooding.
Capital of Bangladesh
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