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Capital of California

What is the Capital of California?

California took the city of Sacramento as its capital. With a population of 500,000 inhabitants, the capital has a large choice of places and tourist attractions. If you stay in the capital of the state, this big city, you cannot miss its zoo which shelters among others cheetahs, crocodiles or jaguars. You can also visit the museum dedicated to the history of the State. Several government buildings can also be visited. As for the population of the Golden State, it amounts to just over 39 million inhabitants. It is thus the most populated state in America with more than 12% of the total population. In addition to Spaniards, the state has the second largest population of Native Americans in the USA.

Sacramento City

The city of Sacramento is the capital of the state of California, and it is called in English Sacramento . The city of Sacramento is located in central California, and the geographical area in which it is located is called the Sacramento Valley, or in English the Sacramento Valley . The city of Sacramento is administratively affiliated to Sacramento County, and this county is one of the 58 counties that make up the state of California according to its administrative division.

Geography of Sacramento

city area: 259,273 km², or 100,105 mi², 2.18% of this area is water; The city of Sacramento has a water area of ​​5.673 km², or 2,190 sq mi. 9 meters, or 30 feet. The capital of California, it is not the largest city in terms of population; Los Angeles

Capital of California
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