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Capital of France

What is the Capital of France?

Paris is the capital of France, the most beautiful and elegant city in the world, a symbol of love and romance, fashion and sophistication. There is no such person who would not dream of visiting Paris, seeing the sights that have become textbooks, plunging into the atmosphere of relaxedness, paying tribute to French cuisine, wandering along beautiful boulevards. Paris has everything that travelers dream of – numerous museums with the richest collections, excellent shopping, entertainment for every taste.

Paris is one of the world’s most attractive cities for tourists, with 45 million tourists visiting the Paris region every year, 60% of which are foreigners. Among its attractions are world-famous places, establishments, popular parks and even just the streets of Paris. All these places, their beauty, coupled with the rich history of every square meter, makes your stay in Paris truly unforgettable.

Capital of France
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