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Capital of Maine

What is the Capital of Maine?

Augusta is the capital of Maine and the county seat of Kennebec County. The area on which the city stands was first explored in 1607 by members of the Popham Colony, but the foundation of the city dates back to 1625, thanks to the English settlers of the Plymouth Colony . Cushnoc was named as the first English settlement in the New World and home to North America’s first wooden fort (1754): Fort Western . Still existing, inside there are theatrical representations that have the purpose of illustrating the daily life of the fort in the eighteenth century. In the city it is also possible to visit the Pine Tree State

Arboretum , a botanical garden that stretches over 90 acres of land, the Maine State Museum and Library , which reconstructs the history of the region through exhibits and a collection of over 2,000 artifacts. In the Maine State House , designed on the model of the White House by Charles Bulfinch and built in 1832, the 180-meter granite dome is worth seeing. The grandeur and elegance of the building had to somehow justify the move of the state capital from Portland to Augusta, which was implemented in 1831, two years after the completion of the construction of this building. Finally, the China and lakes are within easy reach of the city Belgrade , popular for water sports and fishing.

Capital of Maine
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