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Capital of Mexico

What is the Capital of Mexico?

The official and political capital of the country Mexico is Mexico City. Mexico occupies the southern part of North America. The country has common borders with the United States (in the north), and with Guatemala and Belize (in the south). The coast of Mexico is washed from the west by the Gulf of California and the waters of the Pacific Ocean, in the east by the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

Population of Mexico

92 million people live in the country. 60% of them are mestizos, 30% are Indians, 10% are from other countries.


Mexico has an amazingly diverse landscape: low mountains on the coast, high plateaus, mountains, deserts and jungles. The Mexican Highlands occupies most of the country’s territory. There are 43 volcanoes in Mexico, most of which are extinct. The most famous and highest of them are Orizaba, Popocatepetl, Istaxihuatl.

Climatic conditions of Mexico

The country is characterized by climatic contrasts. The Mexican highlands are characterized by a temperate dry climate, snow caps lie on the tops of the mountains, and the southern coastal territories will meet vacationers with heat and high humidity. The climate is subtropical in the north, tropical in the south. The average temperature in any season is +27…30°C.


The official language is Spanish. English is understood in many sectors of the tourism sector, and the Maya language is being resurrected, as evidenced by the release in early 2013 of the first series in this language.


The national currency is the Mexican peso. There are 100 centavs in 1 peso.

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Religion in Mexico

The vast majority of residents (87%) are Catholics, about 6% are Protestants. The remaining 7% are adherents of other religions and atheists.

Holidays in Mexico

The main national holiday is 16.09 – Independence Day, 12.12 – Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, 25.12 – Christmas.

The main resorts of Mexico

Cancun is considered the most famous resort in the Caribbean. Tourists are attracted by sandy beaches and intriguing ruins of Mayan settlements. The sea off the coast here is always warm and surprisingly clean. Temperature all year round +28…30°C. Thousands of diving enthusiasts come every year to look at the famous Black Coral Reef, discovered by J. I. Cousteau two decades ago.

Acapulco is one of the most charming resorts in Mexico. The turquoise sea and the soft contours of the coastal hills have made the resort popular among Hollywood stars. Today Acapulco is a large resort city with luxurious hotels, numerous shops and vibrant nightlife.

Fans of wildlife and eco-tourism will love the island of Cozumel. The island is known for the diversity of the underwater world off the coast and a huge coral reef, 700 km long, and the most popular (and most dangerous) diving sites – Barracuda reef, Sanat Rosa, Punta Sur. Sandy beaches occupy a very small percentage of the land; the rest of the territory is covered by a national park.

Landmarks of Mexico

Tourists are attracted to Mexico primarily by the richest archaeological sites left by the ancient peoples of the Maya and the Aztecs. These are the numerous Mayan pyramids. Only a few of them are available for viewing, the rest are buried under a thick layer of earth or lush tropical vegetation. The most famous pyramids are: Teotihuacan, Cholula, the Mitle and Monte Alban groups of pyramids. The ancient cities of the Indians are priceless monuments of antiquity. The ruins of the city of Chichen Itza with its group of thousands of columns, the temple of warriors and the temple of jaguars, unique statues of deities and decorative reliefs made this place lost in the jungle famous all over the world.

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For those interested in more recent history, it will be interesting to visit the country’s capital, Mexico City, with its National Palace, the majestic El Zocalo Square, the Palace of the Cortes, and the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Visit the chamber, as if souvenir, city of Taxco, nicknamed the “silver capital of Mexico”. Its narrow cobbled streets climb from the foot of the mountain to the very top, and at every step there are workshops of jewelers or silver shops.

Mexico is the most mysterious of the countries in the world. Echoes of ancient legends and the spirit of the former owners of this land, the warlike Aztecs, waft in its air. Taste the exotic chayote fruit, drink fragrant hot chocolate and meet the dawn at the very top of the nine-step temple of Kukulkan – and perhaps the curtain of the ancient mystery will open slightly.

Capital of Mexico
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