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Capital of Michigan

What is the Capital of Michigan?

The state capital is Lansing. The largest city in the state is Detroit.

Lansing Geography

Lansing , capital of Michigan , USA, located in Ingham County. The site of the city, on the Grand River at its junction with the Red Cedar River , was a desert when the state capital was moved there from Detroit (approximately 85 miles southeast) in 1847. Initially called the Village of Michigan, in 1849 took on the name of the township in which it was located. (Lansing municipality is named after Lansing, NY) Michigan State Capital (erected between 1872 and 1878) is located in a 10-acre (4-hectare) park in the center of the city; the Capital underwent an extensive restoration in 1989-92. Connected by a plank road to Detroit in 1852 and to extra-state areas by railroad in the 1870s, the city grew industrially after 1887 with the creation of several vehicle manufacturers, most notably the Olds Motor Works (in 1899) and Ransom Eli Olds ‘ Reo Motor Car Company (in 1904) ; it is now a major automotive manufacturing center and also produces a wide range of other manufactured goods (including textiles, auto parts, metal and glass products).

Capital of Michigan
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