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Capital of Nevada

What is the Capital of Nevada?

The state capital of Nevada is Carson City. As well as the disease of Nevada , Carson City was founded in a time of rapid development of the above works – in a given case the word goes o dorebche serebra . The name Carson City in honor of the follower Kita Carsona and the administrative center of the district of Orsby in 1861 after 1969 . The nearest major city is Reno.

Carson City Profile

The capital of the state of Nevada . West of the Sierra Nevada , 50 kilometers south of Reno. Administratively an independent city ( in 1969 it was merged with Ormsby County, which it originally belonged to). The area is 403.2 square kilometers. According to a 2005 estimate by the US Census Bureau , the total population is 57,104. Opened in 1858 , the city was named in honor of explorer Christopher Carson (Kit Carson). A settlement was established in 1858, the city was developed following the discovery of silver mines on the northeastern edge in 1859, and became the capital in 1861. In addition to mining silver mines, it is also a nearby agricultural, forestry trade and processing center . In the west of the city, there are the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort and the scenic Lake Tahoe tour. Inland state of the southwestern United States. Also known as the North American wormwood bush state. It covers an area of ​​286,000 square kilometers and has a population of 1.206 million (1990). About 73% of the population lives in the two major cities of Las Vegas and Reno . The capital is Carson City.

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Most of them are located in the Great Basin with rugged terrain, with an average altitude of 1500-2500 meters. The highest point, Mount Bondi, is 4006 meters above sea level. The climate is arid, with an average annual precipitation of 120-250 mm. The north is temperate and the south is subtropical. From north to south, the average temperature in January is -4 to 6 °C, and the average temperature in July is 21 to 30 °C. With less water, mostly inland rivers and salt lakes , it is the driest state in the United States. The ground is covered with Xerox mugwort shrubs. Nevada is the last state to develop in the west. A small group of Mormons settled here in 1849. The Comstock Mine was discovered in 1859. The Nevada area was established in 1861. It joined the Union in 1864 and became the thirty-sixth state of the United States.

History of Carson City

Humans lived in the area that makes up the city about 6000 years ago, and the first European to reach the area was John C. Fremont in January 1843.

Fremont named the River City the Carson in honor of one of his friends, Kate Carson.

The city became the state capital in 1858, and in that same year, it received its present name.

After one year, large quantities of gold and silver were discovered around the city, and its population quickly grew due to the influx of labor force.

When Nevada became an official state in the union in 1865, the city’s role as a permanent capital was confirmed.

Capital of Nevada
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