Capital of New York

What is the Capital of New York?

Albany became the capital of New York State in 1797 and is the 10th oldest capital of a US state. And if Albany was named capital of the State of New York it is because the city had several advantages at the time.

  • First, the city was positioned much more centrally in New York State, whereas New York City is at the southern tip of the state. Albany is also at the crossroads of major highways in the state.
  • The city is also placed at a strategic location on the Hudson River: the port of Albany is effectively the last port that large ships from the Atlantic Ocean can reach. Beyond Albany, these large ships can no longer ascend the Hudson.
  • At the time, Albany was also much larger than New York City. Did you know that Albany was one of the most populous cities in the United States from 1810 to 1860? And Albany was planning to grow much larger, thanks to the development of trade! But New York City grew rapidly and soon overtook the state capital that bears its name. The times are changing…

Today Albany therefore remains the capital of the State of New York and no one is asking to change it. Why not a getaway idea if you want to see another side of New York State!