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Capital of North Carolina

What is the Capital of North Carolina?

The capital of North Carolina is the “oak” city of Raleigh, famous for its dense and picturesque oak forests, the word “Raleigh” itself comes from the name of the English court adventurer Walter Raleigh, a favorite of Queen Elizabeth (if you are interested in their complex relationship, watch the film “The Golden Age”, where the role of the aforementioned Sir Raleigh was played by Clive Owen).

The city of Raleigh is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. It is located where the hills of Piedmont merge into the seaside plain. Raleigh was planned and built as the new state capital in 1792.

Modern Raleigh is one of the largest research centers in the region. It is one of the summit cities of the so-called Research Triangle. Accordingly, there are many higher educational institutions in the city.

The main attractions of Oak City are the Museum of Art, the University, the Capitol and the headquarters of the Linux company Red Hat.

Capital of North Carolina
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