Capital of Oregon

What is the Capital of Oregon?

The quiet and pretty city of Salem is the capital of the State of Oregon , in the United States, which borders Washington to the north, California and Nevada to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east. Idaho. With a population of around 160,000 inhabitants, Salem is the capital of the county of Marion, which is located in the heart of the famous Willamette Valley , a very green and lush valley immersed in an exceptional naturalistic context, characterized by large fields in bloom, pastures, orchards and vineyards that guarantee this area one of the most important and profitable fruit and vegetable productions in all the States.

The city of Salem offers numerous attractions to all those who wish to savor the typical composed and delicate atmosphere of Oregon. The city has innumerable infrastructures to accommodate the many tourists who decide to spend some time in this lovely town every year. Hotels, restaurants and clubs abound in the streets of Salem, but not only: the city has a strong artistic vocation, with numerous cultural institutions responsible for the conservation and promotion of local and international artistic heritage.

The city has a fascinating history, which has its roots in the relationship – albeit tragic and conflictual – between European pioneers and native tribes, whose cultural influence is tangible today in the local toponymy and in the fertile and living presence in the arts, today more enriched than ever. from the deep dialogue between present and past. The town, in addition to the art and history museums, has numerous parks and public gardens, which give Salem a remarkable livability and encourage visitors to visit it through long and pleasant walks.

Salem, whose name derives from the Hebrew shalom (peace), is the second largest city in Oregon by number of inhabitants, immediately after the metropolitan area of ​​the ultra-modern Portland, which, with its over two million inhabitants, is among the most populated areas of the western United States . The city is also known by the nickname of Cherry City , the city of cherries, due to the large production of cherries. The Willamette Valley is in fact one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world.

The native populations of the current state of Oregon gave this territory the name of Chemeketa, the meaning of which is a meeting place, or rest. This feeling of peace and dialogue continues to characterize this beautiful town even today, which has many cultural attractions. One of the main ones is the Mission Mill Museum , located near the Oregon State Capitol , the symbolic government building of Salem, in the city center.

The Mission Mill Museum is a large museum area that allows you to explore and learn about the origins of the industrial development of the Oregon capital, the history of the pioneers and their lifestyle. In this museum you can admire the tools, furniture, and machinery used in the nineteenth century in the state of Oregon, as well as being able to admire the reconstructions of the typical gardens and vegetable gardens of the time.

Another important city museum is undoubtedly the Hallie Ford Museum of Art , also located near the Oregon State Capitol. The collections in this museum show the historical development of the western area of ​​the States, as well as illustrate the artistic and cultural development of the Pacific regions. Some rooms are also dedicated to ancient art, both European and Asian, and, among the various permanent exhibitions, we point out one entitled Ancestral Dialogues: Conversations in Native American Art , dedicated to internal dialogue in the context of native art. Poised between modernity and cultural roots.

The Salem Art Association also operates on the territory of the capital of Oregon , a cultural association that has been involved in promoting the visual arts for over a hundred years and which annually organizes an important cultural event, the Salem Art Fair & Festival, which is held every year in the summer months and hosts artistic, theatrical and musical events and entertainment for adults and children.