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Capital of South Africa

What is the capital of South Africa?

Unlike most countries in the world, South Africa has more than one capital, and is the only country in the world that has three capitals.Johannesburg is the most populous city in the country, and also the most important economically, however, it is not one of the country’s capitals.

The capitals of South Africa are:

1- Pretoria

2- Bloemfontein city

3- Cape Town.

The South African government is divided into three divisions and, as such, is based in three diverse capitals.The executive capital of South Africa is Pretoria, Bloemfontein is the judicial capital, while Cape Town is the legislative capital, and where the seat of government is located.


This city is famous for a large number of industries such as flour, beans, iron and many other industries. As this city has a very large number of flour mills, and its iron and steel are used in many industries such as the railway industry and many other industries. Steel iron is included in its industry, as it is one of the very important areas that are communicated to by other cities by railways. Also, this ancient city is characterized by the fact that it has the largest universities, as well as many educational institutions. It also has special councils for scientific research work for young graduates, as well as research for industry. Moreover, when you want to know what the capital of South Africa is, you should know very well that Pretoria was its administrative capital and there was a previous capital, the Transvaal. But now she has a close relationship with Tshwane City. The city’s housing and the nation’s council tried to give it the name Tarshwanani, but the government refused that and it was 2005.

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Bloemfontein city 

The city of magic and natural beauty is located in a high area in the state of South Africa, meaning that it is located at a distance of 1392 meters in the Kon Gere Park. It is located on a high plateau and contains many government institutions, as well as the Reformed Church. It also has the National Court of Appeal and other headquarters. The beginning of this city was a place to secure the British army and considered it a fortress for them, and that was the year 1846. Also, with the passage of time, it was based on the great expansion of this city, and its basis was the judicial capital of the state of South Africa. In addition, it is also the regional capital of the Free State. Moreover, this city was taken as the judicial capital of the country, but over time they divided these judicial functions between the city of Bloemfontein and the city of Johannesburg. The Constitutional Court was established in the city of Johannesburg, which has a population of about 2 million.

Cape Town 

The legislative capital of South Africa is located to the north of the Cape of Good Hope. Specifically on the Cape Peninsula, this city is considered the mother city of the country because there are many things that belong to the state. It has a very close relationship and is always in contact with Europe as it is considered the mother country and plays a very big role in the history of South Africa. Also the first all-European settlement in South Africa. Where was the city of Cape Town, as they considered it the political and economic center of the whole of South Africa, and specifically for the province of the Western Cape. As for the population of Cape Town, according to statistics, it was 2 million people.

Capital of South Africa
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