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Capital of Tennessee

What is the Capital of Tennessee?

Nashville is the capital and second most populous city in the state of Tennessee. Located in the southeastern United States on the Cumberland River, Nashville is located 300 km east of Memphis, the state’s largest city. Other nearest major cities: Atlanta (350 km in the southeast), St. Louis (400 km in the northeast), Indianapolis (400 km in the north) and Charlotte (550 km in the east). Nashville has a population of 634,000, with a metropolitan area population of 1.6 million.

The history of Nashville began with the construction in 1779 of the wooden fort Fort Nashborough, named after General Francis Nash, a hero of the American Revolutionary War. In 1806, Nashville received city status, and in 1843 became the capital of Tennessee. Today, Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the southeastern United States.

Nashville is considered a “musical” city. First, it is the birthplace of country music. Secondly, hundreds of companies whose activities are related to music are concentrated in the city. Nashville is the 2nd largest music production center after New York. The annual turnover of the music industry in the city exceeds $6 billion, and about 19 thousand people are employed in specialized companies. The heart of the music industry in Nashville is Music Row, located southwest of downtown. Music Row houses the offices of numerous record companies, recording studios, publishing houses, licensing companies, radio networks, radio stations, and other companies whose business is related to the music industry.

History of Tennessee

Tennessee was first discovered by the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto in 1540, and Tennessee became a US state in 1796, where its capital was initially the city of Knoxville, and in the same year its first constitution was enacted, and then several new constitutions were issued between 1835 and 1870, but the last constitution was amended, and refined many times in the twentieth century.

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Tennessee adjoins eight other states. To the north are Kentucky and Virginia, to the east are North Carolina, to the south are Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, and to the west are Arkansa and Missouri.

Tennessee is located between eight U.S. states, bordered to the north by Kentucky and Virginia, to the south by Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, to the east by North Carolina, and to the west by Arkansas and Missouri. The city of Nashville is the capital of the state. It has an area of 106752 square kilometers occupies the thirty-sixth place among the different states of America and the number of counties has 95 counties and has 54 parks and the proportion of water represents 2.2% of the total area.

Top Cities in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee is called the “volunteer state”, knowing that it has a large group of major cities, in addition to its capital Nashville, and the following are the most prominent of these cities:

  • The city of Bartlett (English: Bartlett).
  • Memphis.
  • The city of Knoxville.
  • The city of Chattanooga.
  • The city of Clarksville.
  • The city of Murfreesboro (English: Murfreesboro).
  • City of Jackson.
  • Johnson City.
  • The city of Franklin (English: Franklin).

Best travel times to Nashville

Like most areas of the American South, Nashville has a humid subtropical climate, but its high location makes the city cooler than other regions. During the summer the temperatures rise while becoming fairly mild in winter. It can be said that the best time of year to visit Nashville is in spring or autumn, when the weather is comfortable and the humidity is less disturbing.

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Transportation in Nashville

The easiest way to get around Nashville is by car, but as the population grows the roads are blocked by traffic all day long, so it’s best to order Uber or Lyft cars with your mobile phone. As cycling is becoming an increasingly popular method, there is also the Joy Ride Network, a network of shuttle buses that provide public transport service through the city.

Nashville the capital of Tennessee and famous for Grand Ole Aubrey which is the most important tourist destination of the city especially for lovers of music of rock quality, it is the cradle of rock and roll and is considered a destination for lovers of musical legends in the world, and many shows are held in this place to date, as well as the city contains a number of museums, parks and a number of unparalleled landscapes and a number of restaurants that serve delicious folk food, cafes in the wonderful side streets It also contains shopping malls.

Capital of Tennessee
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