Capital of Tennessee

What is the Capital of Tennessee?

Nashville is the capital and second most populous city in the state of Tennessee. Located in the southeastern United States on the Cumberland River, Nashville is located 300 km east of Memphis, the state’s largest city. Other nearest major cities: Atlanta (350 km in the southeast), St. Louis (400 km in the northeast), Indianapolis (400 km in the north) and Charlotte (550 km in the east). Nashville has a population of 634,000, with a metropolitan area population of 1.6 million.

The history of Nashville began with the construction in 1779 of the wooden fort Fort Nashborough, named after General Francis Nash, a hero of the American Revolutionary War. In 1806, Nashville received city status, and in 1843 became the capital of Tennessee. Today, Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the southeastern United States.

Nashville is considered a “musical” city. First, it is the birthplace of country music. Secondly, hundreds of companies whose activities are related to music are concentrated in the city. Nashville is the 2nd largest music production center after New York. The annual turnover of the music industry in the city exceeds $6 billion, and about 19 thousand people are employed in specialized companies. The heart of the music industry in Nashville is Music Row, located southwest of downtown. Music Row houses the offices of numerous record companies, recording studios, publishing houses, licensing companies, radio networks, radio stations, and other companies whose business is related to the music industry.