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Capital of Washington

What is the Capital of Washington?

The capital of Washington state is Olympia , and the three largest cities are Seattle , Spokane, and Tacoma , respectively. Other cities in Washington state are Vancouver, Bellevue, Everett, Spokane Valley, Federal Way, Kent, Yakima, Renton, Bellingham, Auburn, Kennewick, and Lakewood.

Seattle , one of the top ten largest cities in the United States and the most important city in the state of Washington, is located at the most northwestern tip of the United States. The port city of Seattle , seen as the gateway to Canada and Alaska , was a center of commerce and shipbuilding. After the Second World War , thanks to the Boeing company, it began to be important for aircraft production. After the 1980s, with the establishment of world-renowned technology companies, development continued and this played a major role in population growth.

Spokane, which is also the second largest city in Washington state , was based on mining, lumbering and agriculture until the 1980s. After the great fire of the late 19th century. Many of the Romanesque enlightenment-inspired churches in the city designed by Kirtland Cutter to compete in architectural quality with Portland and Seattle . Spokane also known as the place where the idea for Father’s Day came from.

Tacoma , the third largest city in Washington state , is home to the state’s largest port. It is a center for international trade . Tacoma is among the most liveable cities in the United States , but also one of the most walkable cities.

Bellevue , Seattle ‘s largest suburb , is the third largest city in the Seattle metropolitan area. It has found itself in the first place in the list of “Cities to Live and Business” prepared by CNNMoney. It is one of the regions that attract attention in terms of both natural beauties, touristic activities and closeness to business life.

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Olympia Number of inhabitants 46,478 inhabitants
Olympia Population Density 911.0 /km²


Olympia Geographical coordinates Latitude: 47.0414, Longitude: -122.897
47° 2′ 29″ North, 122° 53′ 49″ West
Olympia Area 5 102 ha
51.02 km²
Altitude/s. Olympia Seas 15 m
Olympia Climate Mediterranean climate (Köppen climate classification: Csb)
New York City 3928 km Los Angeles 1498 km Chicago 2833 km
Houston 3046 km Philadelphia 3871 km Phoenix 1754 km
San Antonio 2871 km San Diego 1657 km Dallas 2716 km
San Jose 1088 km nearest Jacksonville 3976 km Indianapolis 3049 km


Historians say that it was on the territory of Washington state that the first settlements of Indian tribes appeared. This happened around the 9th millennium BC. Favorable climatic conditions contributed to the speedy development of the area. For example, the Kwilet and Chinook tribes began to settle on the Pacific coast.

The main occupation of these peoples was fishing. On the shores of Colombia, villages of the Kayusi, Palus and Yakama tribes appeared. They engaged in hunting, fishing and gathering. The first Europeans to land in the state were the Spaniards, led by Juan Hernández (in 1774). As a result, the lands colonized by Spain. And in 1778, the expedition of the British James Cook visited here.

For a long time, two mighty powers – Spain and Great Britain – fought for this territory. But at the end of the 18th century, they signed the Nutkin Convention, as a result of which the state of Washington received freedom. This convention unleashed the hands of other colonizing States. It known that for several decades both Americans and the British conducted their trade on the territory of the state. It not until 1846 that specific boundaries between Britain and America defined. And the territory of the state finally became the property of the United States.

Capital of Washington
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