A hybrid city that Darrell called the “Capital of Remembrance,” Alexandria faces the rest of Egypt and the Mediterranean, as if looking back at its glorious past. One of the majestic cities of antiquity, Alexandria lay dormant for 1,300 years until it was revived by Muhammad Ali and transformed by Europeans, who gave the city its […]

Lighthouse of Alexandria

The Seven Wonders of the World is a list of the most famous landmarks of the ancient world. The Lighthouse of Alexandria is rightfully called one of them – this is the last of the classic wonders of antiquity. Basic information and interesting facts about this structure, its creation, functions and sad fate can be found on […]


Ancient ruins surrounded by palm groves, not particularly noticeable and noticeable. Now it is even difficult to imagine that it was once a majestic city with palaces and temples. This is Memphis – the first capital of the united state of Egypt (Ta-Kem). It was not just a capital, but a large cosmopolitan center. Where is Memphis The […]

Snow in Egypt

Snow in Egypt is a rare occurrence. The editorial staff of “Oh, More” tells what the weather is in Egypt in winter and where you can take a photo of the snow. December 20, 2021 snow fell in Egypt Weather in Alexandria in Egypt Does it snow in Cairo, on the pyramids Snow in Egypt: […]

Men in Egypt

All the subtleties of relationships that can be encountered in Egypt cannot be described. This article is only about patterns, about what is most likely to be expected if the topic of an Egyptian man becomes personal. These are generalizations based on personal observations and other people’s experience, that’s all. The main conclusions and actions still remain with […]

Facts About Egypt

Egypt is a usual route for many, a country with a difficult binary character. On the one hand, there are endless ancient sands, unique architectural monuments, legends about deities and kings, the noise of the streets, where time seemed to stand still. On the other hand, there are modern hotels to please tourists, faceless all-inclusive oases. But in […]


Among the modern signs widely used as personal amulets, the Egyptian Cross, the Key of Life or the Ankh have gained great popularity. Many sacred symbols that came to us from Ancient Egypt really have amazingly powerful energy, because it is believed that people who lived many centuries ago actually knew much more about the laws […]

Things to Do in Hurghada

Once Hurghada became one of the first resorts in Egypt. However, this wonderful city on the shores of the Red Sea has not lost its popularity among tourists to this day. Hurghada attracts primarily with its democratic prices for any type of recreation – beach, family, extreme, entertainment, educational, etc.  In addition, you can relax here all […]

Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh

A vacation in Sharm El Sheikh is not just about the sea, the beach and lazy doing nothing. The curious traveler will not be bored here. Walk around the Old Town or look at the oriental bazaar full of colors and aromas, visit the monastery of St. Catherine or climb the legendary Mount Sinai, visit the Bedouins […]

Things to do in Cairo

Cairo is an ancient city with a thousand-year history and a modern metropolis in which millions of people live. People come here to look at the mysterious Great Sphinx and the majestic pyramids, which are located very close to the city blocks. However, the sights of Cairo are not only ancient Egyptian monuments, but also ancient […]

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