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Sharm El Sheikh

Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh

A vacation in Sharm El Sheikh is not just about the sea, the beach and lazy doing nothing. The curious traveler will not be bored here. Walk around the Old Town or look at the oriental bazaar full of colors and aromas, visit the monastery of St. Catherine or climb the legendary Mount Sinai, visit the Bedouins […]

What to see in Sharm El Sheikh

The sights of Sharm el-Sheikh are not only nightclubs, restaurants and bars, but also national parks, a beautiful underwater world and the Old City. Sharm El Sheikh is the second polar resort in Egypt, located in the southeastern part of the Sinai Peninsula. More than 1 million tourists visit this place annually. Despite the relatively small age […]

Aqua Blu (Albatros) Aqua Park

What is interesting about Aqua Blu (Albatros) water park in Sharm el-Sheikh? What slides are there? What’s the cover charge? How and how much does it cost to get there? What is the best way – buy a tour or go on your own? Read the answers in this article. Two great news about Aqua Blu For many years in […]

Best Time to Visit Sharm El Sheikh

Despite the fact that Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the youngest resorts in Egypt. It is popular, because of the wonderful weather conditions. The weather in this part of the country. Influenced not only by the geographic latitude. But by the nearby Sinai Mountains. The latter protect all the beaches of the resort. From strong […]

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