The Bent Pyramid Sneferu

Why exactly the Broken Pyramid is called the most “correct” in Egypt, although its shape is completely wrong? How to get there? How much does it cost to see inside and outside? What to pay special attention to? Read the answers in this article. The most unusual large pyramid in Egypt When tourists first look […]

Royal Necropolis of Dahshur

Dakhshur is one of the royal necropolises of ancient Memphis, the capital of Egypt during the era of the Old Kingdom. There are 11 pyramids of the pharaohs from different eras. Two large ones (each with a height of more than 100 meters) have been perfectly preserved, and tourists are allowed to visit them, and you can […]

Pyramid of Djoser

Pharaoh Djoser’s step pyramid is not as popular as the Great Pyramids of Giza. Outwardly, it is not as attractive to the average tourist as the pyramid of Cheops or the pyramid of Khafre. In size, it can be compared with the third in Giza – the Menkaur pyramid. Great news! From March 2020, the Djoser pyramid is […]

Necropolis of Saqqara

Sakkara is the largest burial complex in Lower Egypt near the ancient capital Memphis. It is one of the largest archaeological sites in the country, and sealed tombs are still found here. Unfortunately, Saqqara is underestimated by the tourism industry, although there are many interesting things for tourists. Let’s start our story with the title. In March 2020, […]

Great Sphinx of Giza

There are no longer any restrictions on the number of visitors, and tickets for the Giza plateau do not need to be booked or bought in advance. Tickets for the plateau have risen in price, which will be discussed further below in this article. At the end of 2014, the Egyptians completed another restoration of the […]

Pyramid of Menkaure

The smallest of the three Great Pyramids at Giza was the tomb of Pharaoh Mikerin. It does not arouse much interest among tourists due to its modest size. Visitors to the Giza plateau believe that there is nothing to see and focus on the Pyramid of Cheops and the Pyramid of Khafre. But in vain, because this pyramid […]

Pyramid of Khafre

The second largest of the Great Egyptian pyramids on the Giza plateau belongs to Pharaoh Khafren (Khafre). Each Egyptian pyramid is interesting in its own way, but the tomb of Khafre immediately catches the eye of tourists thanks to the remnants of the cladding at the top, the central position and the fact that it seems […]

Pyramid of Khufu

The era of the Old Kingdom is the brightest in the history of Egypt, which the ancient Egyptians themselves called the “golden age” of their civilization. The pharaohs of this time went down in history thanks to their gigantic pyramids, which became their tombs. In this article, let’s talk about the largest of them – the pyramid […]

Egyptian Foods

The Arab Republic of Egypt attracts tourists with centuries-old attractions and culinary traditions. Egyptian cuisine is one of the oldest and dates back to the reign of the pharaohs. It has absorbed the culture of different peoples and consists of a large number of meat, fish dishes, vegetable salads, fruit desserts, and drinks. National dishes of […]

Ethiopian Foods

Ethiopia is a landlocked state in East Africa. The short periods in the 19th and 20th centuries, when Europeans strengthened on its territory, could not influence the culture of the country. Therefore, Ethiopian cuisine has managed to preserve its national character. About Ethiopian cuisine Tourists traveling in Ethiopia can taste both aromatic vegetable and unusual meat […]

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