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Abkhazian Cuisine

National dishes of Abkhazia are authentic family recipes, in which the centuries-old traditions of the southern people are preserved. Hospitable feast and food saturated with aromatic seasonings have become a symbol of this Caucasian region. The dishes of Abkhazia are family recipes of the southern people. History of the cuisine of Abkhazia The history of […]


The capital of Abkhazia named Sukhum (the name Sukhumi is often found). The city originated in the 6th century BC, which makes it one of the most ancient in the whole world. At that time, on the site of the local settlement of Akua, Greek merchants founded the colony of Dioscuria , which later became a major commercial and economic center. Then […]

New Athos

The very beautiful old resort of Novy Afon is located in a small cozy bay on the Black Sea coast. This small town, but attracts tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. It attracts with its luxurious nature, wonderful sights, mild climate. Despite the “ New ” part in the name, the city has a long and rich […]


Gagra is a city that is considered the most beautiful and most expensive in Abkhazia. This resort is very popular with tourists due to its proximity to the Russian Adler and its glory since the days of the Soviet Union. The history of the emergence and development of Gagra is very ancient. In the 2nd century BC, […]

Family Hotels in Pitsunda Abkhazian

One of the city’s attractions is the local resort complex of 7 boarding houses and sanatoriums, which does not have a star rating, although in fact the level of service corresponds to a good 3-4 stars hotel. It can be very difficult to book a place in such a club hotel and you need to act […]

Family Hotels in Gagra

The resort is actively being built up and rebuilt, and now instead of Soviet sanatoriums there are five-star hotels, and boarding houses have turned into apart-hotels and private guest houses with a service class of at least 3 stars. However, one should not expect perfect service from Abkhazia yet – the country is still recovering, and […]

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