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Umrah Package From Afghanistan

When it comes to planning an Islamic pilgrimage, or umrah, there are many factors to consider. One important decision is choosing where to go. For those looking for an authentic and budget-friendly experience, an umrah package from Afghanistan is the best choice. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about getting […]

Facts about Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s total GDP is US $ 21.06 billion and per capita is US $ 1,900. Fifty-six percent of the country’s GDP comes from services, and 22% from agriculture and industry. Afghanistan’s main agricultural products include opium, wheat, fruits, nuts; wool, lamb, sheepskin, sheep skins and poppies. Living standards in Afghanistan are among the worst in the […]

Uzbek Foods

Uzbek cuisine is considered one of the best in the world and more and more people want to get acquainted with its dishes. Organizers of gastronomic tours claim that the number of tourists over the past 2 years has increased by a third. Dishes of Uzbek cuisine are considered one of the best in the […]

Afghan Foods

A huge number of traditions of neighboring regions collected in Afghan cuisine. But the national one has its own characteristics and distinctive features. In most cases, women are engaged in cooking, although the male gender does not bypass him. General characteristics of the national Afghan cuisine The most common ingredients in this region are rice, various […]

Tajik cuisine

Tajik cuisine, one of the oldest in the world, harmoniously combines the culinary traditions of the peoples of Central Asia. It distinguished by a variety of simple and complex dishes made from meat, milk and vegetables, which produced and mined on the territory of the republic. Description of Tajik cuisine The lifestyle of the Tajiks […]

Surkh Kotal

The French archaeologist D. Schlumberger, with his excavations on the Surkh-Kotal hill in the Kunduzob river valley, 12 km from the city of Baghlana (Northern Afghanistan), discovered the remains of the temple complex, which became the subject of research since 1951. The inscriptions found here made it possible to date it to the time of […]

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