Azerbaijani Cuisine

Modern gourmets are no longer limited by the framework of their national cuisine. Dishes of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Romania, England and other countries are widespread among lovers of tasty and healthy food. Azerbaijani cuisine is distinguished by a rich variety and taste characteristics: spices and herbs, a large number of vegetables and fruits, original combinations of …

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Garabaghlar Mausoleum

The mausoleum in the village of Karabaglar Azerbaijan belongs to the type of tower. It was built of bricks. The forms of the mausoleum are sculptural and plastic due to the fact that its walls are formed by twelve half-cylinders (corrugations), closedly placed on a twelve-sided stone base. The corrugations are covered with glazed brick ornament representing …

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Maiden Tower

Construction start / opening date: XII century Architect: Masud ibn Dawud Original name: Maiden’s Tower The Maiden Tower is one of the most grandiose structures in Baku, attracting attention with its mystery. Neither the date of its construction nor its purpose are known for certain. Perhaps that is why the tower is of interest to tourists all …

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