Japanese Cuisine

Starting from the second half of the twentieth century, Japanese cuisine quickly began to conquer the European consumer with unusual taste, ingredients and an original form of presentation. A characteristic evidence of increased demand is the inclusion of traditional Japanese dishes in the menu of most modern restaurants and the spread of sushi bars not […]


General information Kyoto is a national center for traditional practices such as chado (tea ceremony) and ikebana ( flower arrangement) , the birthplace of kabuki and a leading center for calligraphy, painting and sculpture. The city plays a unique role in preserving Japanese national identity and is believed to be visited by a third of the country’s population every year. Despite this, […]


General information Long before the arrival of the first Europeans, Nagasaki was a major center of trade with China. Long-standing Chinese influence clearly felt today. Taking advantage of the repression that Christians subjected to in the 17th century, Chinese Zen monks founded Buddhist temples built in the style of the late Ming dynasty. On a more mundane […]


Video: Osaka general information Business and pleasure are intimately connected in Osaka, and have been for hundreds of years. The business reputation is a reflection of the city’s history as a commercial capital and a major commercial center. When, after the unification of the country in 1583, Hideyoshi built his main castle in the center of Osaka, […]


Yokohama Yokohama is a vibrant modern city where Japanese traditions combine with Chinese and Western ones. The surroundings of this jewel of Japan have it all: delicious food, sightseeing, breathtaking views and more. Go shopping and dining in Yokohama’s Chinatown See the cityscape majestic during the day and dazzling at night Enjoy spectacular winter illumination at […]

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