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The Malaysian city of Sandakan is located in the northeast of the island of Kalimantan. It is the center of the Sabah region. The city is home to over 500,000 people. Sandakan often referred to as the “gateway to nature” of Borneo. There are no ancient historical monuments, but sights are still present. Visit the Church of All Angels […]

Pangkor Island

The once small island of Pangkor was very popular with traders, fishermen and even pirates who scurried in the waters of the Strait of Malacca, however, today it has turned into a real beach resort. At first glance, it may seem that Pangkor is another paradise island with good hotels, white beaches and all the attributes […]

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu, formerly called Jesselton, is the capital and largest city in the state of Sabah. It is located on the northwestern coast of the famous island of Borneo, at the foot of the high Mount Kinabalu. During the Second World War, the city was destroyed twice, and was rebuilt only in 1967. Its modern appearance is […]

Johor Bahru

General information There are hotels in Johor Bahru where you can go to the duty-free shops. The city has a ferry terminal (from there ferries go to the Indonesian islands of Batam and Bintan) on Jalan-Ibrahim-Sultan Street. In addition to restaurants and malls, visitors can visit the expansive market, and near the Lido Waterfront outdoor swimming pool, the […]

Redang Island

The most beautiful island of Redang, which is located 45 km from the Malacca Peninsula, is recognized as one of the best resorts in Malaysia. It is believed that the first settlers of the island were the Bugis people from Indonesia, now many of their descendants still live here and work in the tourism industry. It is […]


Urban area “St. Paul’s Hill” The most prominent and famous building overlooking Holland Square is the Stadthuys , dating from around 1650. It was originally the official residence of Dutch governors and officials. Since 1980, the building has housed the Historical, Ethnographic and Literary Museum, where you can get acquainted with the colonial and Malay past of the […]


General information The city began to develop in 1841, when a British adviser to the Sultan of Brunei received the title of Rajah of the area. At that time, one could get to Kuching only along the Sarawak River, on the banks of which the city center is located. Astana, the former residence of the rajah, became […]

Kuala Terengganu

Kuala Terengganu is the largest city on the east coast of the Malacca Peninsula and the administrative center of the state of Terengganu. The city is located at the mouth of the river of the same name, on a picturesque promontory that juts out into the South China Sea. Kuala Terengganu was founded by Chinese traders in […]

Kota Bharu

The port city of Kota Bharu or “new castle” in Malay is the largest city and capital of the state of Kelantan. Among all cities in Malaysia, Kota Bharu stands out for its magnificent beaches and unique handicrafts created only by local craftsmen. Due to its proximity to Thailand (20 km), this lively city has very original […]


General information You should start your acquaintance with Georgetown with its historical sights – the narrow old streets are lost among the market bustle of the city. The city’s Chinese history is reflected in the shops and old hotels where you can enjoy delicious food and great shopping. There are many ways to get to know […]

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