Kid Friendly Hotels in Maldives

Basically, the hotel business is represented by high-star bungalow-format options located on separate islands. Three-star status is still to be looked for. There are many representatives of world-famous network lines. The peculiarity of the republic’s hospitality industry is that it is possible to settle right on the water – the houses are built on stilts. Someone sees romance […]

Maldives People

Maldives People Maldives People come from a variety of cultures, also influenced by Sri Lankan and South Indian cultures. It seems that popular music based on Hindi and some people like Hindi movies. The official name “Republic of Maldives”, the total area about 300㎢, and the population about 400,000. The capital and largest city Male, […]

Best Time to Visit the Maldives

The most favorable time is to visit the Maldives. (from November-December to March-April). When the northeastern monsoons bring sunny and dry. The sea during this period calm in the Maldives. You need to know in advance when the high season is in the Maldives. When it better to go there and what kind of weather […]

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