Diving in the Philippines

There are so many diving spots in the world, but diving into the beautiful waters of the Philippines is a true diver’s mission. The Philippines is often visited for its incredible diving sites. This country has one of the longest coastlines in the world, ranking fifth overall. The Philippines has about 7107 islands in its entirety, so local […]

Reasons To Visit The Philippines

A visit to the Philippines will bring you great pleasure: beautiful beaches, friendly locals, beautiful nature. In addition, this country is accessible to both travelers on a modest budget and those looking for a luxurious getaway. So, now we will analyze 10 factors why you should go on a trip to the Philippines. Here’s what we have selected […]

Filipino Foods

The Republic of the Philippines geographically belongs to the countries of Southeast Asia. But the Filipino cuisine is different from that of the neighbors. There is no usual Asian pungency and riot of tastes here. The main features of the national Philippine cuisine The local cuisine formed at the junction of several cultures and traditions, each […]

Cheap Hotels in Boracay

The 10 Best Budget Hotels in Boracay Island give you the chance to experience an unforgettable vacation on this superb tropical island located about 300 km south of Manila for less than US $ 100 per night. Covering an area of ​​only nine square kilometers, and surrounded by about 20 beaches of various sizes, Boracay is […]

Family Hotels in Boracay

This list of the best family hotels in Boracay will delight the entire family looking for a great holiday with children on one of the best islands in the Philippines. Boracay is already known for its tropical climate, warm waters, white sand beaches and affordable family amenities, including great accommodation options for travelers with children. The […]

Best Boracay Hotels

Most Popular 5 * Hotels Boracay Island Our list of the Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Boracay offers the affluent independent traveler the chance to experiment with everything the most impressive resorts have to offer in terms of luxury accommodation and architecture, variety of dining options, quality of service, and world-class service. Many of the […]

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