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Average Cost of Hotel in Bangkok

When it comes to finding accommodation in Bangkok, the average cost of a hotel room can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. These include the time of year, the location of the hotel, and whether or not you are able to take advantage of any special deals or discounts. In this article, we […]

Average Cost of Hotel Room in Thailand

When planning a trip to Thailand, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is the cost of accommodation. Hotel prices can vary greatly depending on the time of year and the type of room you choose. In this article, we’ll take a look at the average cost of a hotel room in Thailand, […]

Food Types in Hotels in Thailand

When traveling to Thailand, one important decision you’ll have to make is what type of food to eat. Thai food the most common type of food served in hotels, and for good reason – it’s relatively healthy and more affordable than other options. But there are other types of food available in hotels in Thailand, […]

Umrah Package From Thailand

Thailand is an increasingly popular destination for Muslims undertaking the Umrah pilgrimage. There are many reasons why Thailand is a great choice of departure point, including its proximity to Saudi Arabia, the wide range of tour operators offering trips to Saudi Arabia and the wide range of accommodation and food options available in Thailand. In […]

Cheapest Month to go to Thailand

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country known for its stunning beaches, lush jungles, and friendly people. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are so many things to see and do in Thailand, from exploring the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya to relaxing on a beach in […]

How Many Days is Enough for Bangkok

When it comes to deciding how much time to spend in Bangkok, it can be tough to know how much is enough. The city is huge, and there’s so much to see and do. But don’t worry – you can easily see the highlights of Bangkok in just three days.On day one, visit the grand […]

How Many Beaches in Phuket

With its turquoise waters and white sand beaches, Phuket is a tropical paradise that attracts visitors from all over the world. But how many beaches does this idyllic island have? Phuket actually has 30 beaches, which can be classified as public or private. The most popular beaches are Patong, Kata and Karon. However, there are […]

Thailand Beach Resorts

Thailand is an amazing country in Southeast Asia, in which, at least once in a lifetime, every tourist dreams of visiting. Travelers go to Thailand for, rich in marine life and vegetation, the sea, lush tropical flora, developed infrastructure, numerous entertainment and stunning sunsets. The country has wonderful sandy beaches, ideal conditions for snorkeling and […]

Vegetarian Dishes in Thailand

When looking for truly vegetarian food in Thailand, you can run into unexpected problems. It would seem that there are a lot of vegetables in Thai cuisine, and here it is – a paradise for vegetarians and vegans. But it’s a common misconception that all meat-free meals are suitable for a vegan lifestyle. An interesting case with me […]

Food in Thailand for kids

Many wrongly think that all Thai dishes are incredibly spicy and completely unsuitable for the average European, let alone children. Just think that Thais have children too, and they don’t get chili peppers in a bottle of milk. Amazing, isn’t it? Of course, Thai children eat non-spicy dishes, of which there are plenty in Thai cuisine. Today I will […]

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