Thailand Beach Resorts

Thailand is an amazing country in Southeast Asia, in which, at least once in a lifetime, every tourist dreams of visiting. Travelers go to Thailand for, rich in marine life and vegetation, the sea, lush tropical flora, developed infrastructure, numerous entertainment and stunning sunsets. The country has wonderful sandy beaches, ideal conditions for snorkeling and […]

Vegetarian Dishes in Thailand

When looking for truly vegetarian food in Thailand, you can run into unexpected problems. It would seem that there are a lot of vegetables in Thai cuisine, and here it is – a paradise for vegetarians and vegans. But it’s a common misconception that all meat-free meals are suitable for a vegan lifestyle. An interesting case with me […]

Food in Thailand for kids

Many wrongly think that all Thai dishes are incredibly spicy and completely unsuitable for the average European, let alone children. Just think that Thais have children too, and they don’t get chili peppers in a bottle of milk. Amazing, isn’t it? Of course, Thai children eat non-spicy dishes, of which there are plenty in Thai cuisine. Today I will […]

Street food in Thailand

Regarding street food, all visitors to Thailand are divided into two camps: those who are sure that such treats are dangerous, and those who boldly try them. Firstly, street food is a great way to get acquainted with Thai cuisine and fully immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of the country. CNN named Bangkok the city with […]

Buying property in Thailand

New properties appear in Thailand every year. The regions that foreigners are most interested in are Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Rayong. It is there that now you can buy an apartment in a condo or a house at a bargain price. Consider the myths and stereotypes that stop investors and future owners. The article was prepared with the support […]

Buy real estate In Thailand

Real estate for foreign investment began to be built in Thailand 15-18 years ago. The first steps are noticeably different from modern facilities. Right now, the housing sector is in its prime. Transactions are carried out online, for this it is not even necessary to be in Thailand. And here the question arises: what is more profitable to buy? Invest […]

History of Thai tourism

The Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT celebrated 60 years of operation. It is difficult for us now to imagine that in those days the Kingdom was far from the modern country. The popular resorts were hamlets without electricity. There were no shopping centers and luxury hotels. And Bangkok itself was a town with dusty streets and rice […]

Thai Desserts

In addition to the fact that Thais are not fools to eat well, they also love all sorts of sweets. Last time I told you about the variety of main dishes and hot food at Sandy Market in Phuket Town. And today we will talk about sweets at the Naka market. Because no restaurant is ready to offer […]

Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is popular all over the world due to unusual combinations of products and bright tastes. Local chefs use a variety of spices, herbs and dressings in order to spice the dishes. Europeans on arrival in Thailand note the unusual spiciness of food, so in restaurants you can hear a request not to add […]

Wat Arun

Thailand is a country remarkable in that there are 31,200 Buddhist temples, called “Wat” in Thai.The most famous is Wat Arun, the country’s stone shrine, located in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The temple, the name of which translated poetically “Temple of Dawn or Morning Dawn” spread out on the left bank of the Chao Phraya […]

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