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Turkmen Foods

Like any other, Turkmen cuisine largely reflects the history and life of the people. It is similar to other Asian cuisines, but it has its own characteristics. In addition, depending on the place of residence of the Turkmens themselves, the same dish differs in ingredients and cooking methods. For example, in the Caspian regions, meat in […]

Anau Mosque

Anau Mosque 1455-1456 The mosque in Anau, which is sometimes incorrectly called the Jemal-ul-Uaddan mausoleum, was built in 1455-1456 under Abul-Kasim Babur. It represents a type of mosque open to the courtyard, common for Friday and suburban (namazga) mosques, where the courtyard or area intended for worshipers. The monument in Anau uses the technique of a portal-domed […]

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