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Bibi Khanym Mosque

During the thirty years of Timur’s rule, Samarkand has completely transformed. In the western part of the city, a citadel with the Koksaray palace erected. Day and night, construction work went on, day and night, noise and groans stood over the crowded city. Thousands of forced laborers made bricks, burned and ground lunch, demolished old quarters, dug […]

Mausoleum Gur-i Amir

The Gur-Emir Mausoleum completes the construction period of Timur’s time. The construction of the Gur-Emir mausoleum required a long journey of bold architectural and constructive experiments, checking the scale, enriching the ornamentation with all possible colors and drawings. The Gur-Emir Mausoleum represents an exceptional combination of majesty with modesty; it has an unusually well-thought-out structure and complete […]

Mausoleum of Mazlumkhan

The earliest piece of architecture revived after the Mongol invasion of Khorezm was, apparently, the Mazlumkhan-Sulu mausoleum, located on the territory of the ancient necropolis Mizdahkan. In the scientific literature, various opinions have expressed about the time of construction of this unique structure. A. Yu. Yakubovsky attributed the building to the end of the XIII […]

Fahreddin Razi Tomb

The mausoleum attributed to Fakhraddin Razi is one of the buildings in the capital of Khorezm that survived the destruction of Urgench by the Mongols. It is a one-chamber mausoleum of slender proportions, built of baked bricks. Its cubic volume carried by a twelve-sided drum covered with a tent. The main facade architecturally highlighted: three arched niches […]

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