Capital of Australia

What is the Capital of Australia? The official and political capital of Australia is Canberra. Canberra is the largest city in the interior of the country. The Commonwealth of Australia was founded in 1901, the choice of the capital pitted the rival cities of Sydney and Melbourne so strongly against each other that the federal […]

How many Beaches are in Australia

How many Beaches are in Australia ? The huge length of the coastline and warm water have long been Australia’s hallmark, so not visiting the beaches of the mainland is simply an unforgivable mistake. There are a total of 10,685 beaches on mainland Australia, and there are 800 more beaches on the large 30 uninhabited […]

New Zealand Foods

Food in New Zealand has undergone centuries of change, and almost nothing remains of the traditional Aboriginal cuisine. The first inhabitants of the country, who arrived on this land before 1300 AD, created the national culinary art, which has radically changed over the centuries. Now New Zealand cuisine is a mix of European, Polynesian and […]

Australian Cuisine

Australia’s national cuisine began to improve with the arrival of the first settlers. She was influenced by British, Asian and Mediterranean cuisines. Contemporary Australian culinary arts are becoming more international day by day and combine the traditions of cuisines from all over the world. But the passion of Australians for natural seasonings and spices made from plants […]

Sydney Opera House

In the largest city in Australia – Sydney – a unique amazing building of world architecture, the Opera House, was built. The Sydney Opera House is a multifunctional structure, not just a building, but a work of art, the pinnacle of human creative genius. Frozen Music Symbol The building of the Sydney Opera House owes […]

Getting around Australia

Australia is huge but less populated. In terms of area, it is the sixth country in the world. But its population is comparable to it. The population of the metropolitan area. Of ​​Seoul or Mexico City. This is due to the fact that cities separated. By huge distances and, having left one city. You need […]

Best Time to Visit Australia

When planning a trip to Australia, remember the school geography course. Australia is a large continent. Double the size of Europe. It stretches from north to south and from west. To east for thousands of kilometers. Crossing various climatic zones. This means that there are many factors that influence. The timing of travel in Australia.What […]

The Best Luxury Hotels in Queenstown

 Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa Opened in 2011, renovated in 2012, a total of 220 roomsLocated on the South Island of New Zealand. Nearby the quiet shores of Lake Wakadipu. And in Kawarau Village Center. The luxurious Hilton has majestic mountains view. It provides an excellent base. For exploring the natural attractions in this area. […]

best luxury hotels in Sydney

From 200.00 /per night 9.1/10 From 78.00 /per night 8.9/10 From 144.00 /per night 9.1/10 From 137.00 /per night 9.3/10 From 137.00 /per night 9.3/10 From 163.00 /per night 8.4/10 From 167.00 /per night 9/10 From 254.00 /per night 9/10 From 176.00 /per night 9/10 From 189.00 /per night 8.5/10

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