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Biggest Mall in The World

There are many large shopping malls in the world that are located on large and leasable areas. It also has many activities that include shops, restaurants and amusement parks. There is a huge boom in construction in Asia, due to its cheapness and low labor costs, which has produced the largest shopping centers. Here is […]

Names of Arabic Sweets

Arabs greatly value sweets and innovate in them, and they come out with many varieties and are famous for them among themselves each country competes with the other in highlighting its talents in making sweets, and each country seeks to add to its candy flavors of the smells of its history, customs and traditions. List […]

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the best countries for medical tourism in the world, warm weather and the beauty of the country are the main contributors to medical tourism, and it also enjoys a wide range of medical centers and resorts… Below we show you medical tourism in Costa Rica Medical Tourism in Costa Rica: […]

Largest Pyramids

First of all, pyramids are geometric bodies in which the apex lies over the center of a rectangular base. Monumental buildings were built according to this principle as early as the Stone Age (also because a pyramid is much easier to build than a straight tower of the same height) Amazingly, pyramids are also being […]

Biggest Crocodiles

Crocodiles are very old, like dinosaurs and birds they descended from the archosaurs that roamed the earth 250 million years ago.Archosaurs – Ancestors of both crocodiles and dinosaurs/birds Although it may be difficult for the layperson to recognize, birds and crocodiles are evolutionarily “siblings”. Biologists recognize similarities in the skull structure, in the cardiovascular system and […]

Tallest Walls

The mightiest walls were built in the past, because of technical developments in construction technology (the barriers in Israel and the “Peace Lines” in Belfast, for example, consist of high metal fences and barbed wire) and also in weapon technology (heavy artillery, no matter how massive break through stone wall) walls became obsolete in many […]

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping extreme sports. The passion of many people. One of the most dangerous and attractive is bungee jumping. Practiced all over the world, this activity is great to do as a group with friends or family, cheering on each other while waiting for their turn to jump!Some bungee sites have a minimum weight limit […]

Tallest Waterfall in The World

Waterfalls themselves are natural wonders and the higher they are, the more beautiful. Streams of water fall from the heavens, causing genuine admiration and awe, as evidence of the greatness of Mother Nature. This list contains 20 of the highest waterfalls from different parts of the world. Angel Falls – the highest in the world […]

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