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Belarusian Cuisine

A distinctive feature of Belarusian cuisine is the widespread use of potatoes. However, its culinary traditions are not only in this. Dishes of Belarusian cuisine have original features. Characteristics of Belarusian cuisine The cuisine of Belarus is simple and high-calorie. It uses legumes, vegetables, sausages, lard, mushrooms and berries. Meat dishes are most often prepared […]

Public transport in Minsk

Minsk Metro The metro in Minsk is small and consists of only two lines. If you took the metro in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Then you will have no problem figuring it out. Book Bus And Train Tickets Online Tram in Minsk Due to the ongoing construction of the metro. There are only 5 tram […]

Best Time To Visit Belarus

A former Soviet republic. A small state in Eastern Europe. Belarus located west of Russia and north of Ukraine. Read our article on the Tour Calendar, where we tell you. Why the best time to visit it is from May to September. Climate of Belarus Belarus in January The second winter month is the coldest […]

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