Chocolate Shops in Belgium

Belgian chocolate considered one of the best chocolates in the world. Whether this is true or not, you can decide for yourself by visiting the chocolate shops in Brussels, and there are a lot of such shops in the capital of Belgium. In the tourist part of the city, sweets and other delicacies covered with […]

Belgian Foods

Belgian cuisine influenced by the culinary traditions of the Dutch, German and French tables. National dishes are distinguished by simplicity of preparation, mild taste and satiety. Belgians don’t like to overload their food with condiments and flavorings. Dishes often contain a minimum amount of ingredients, which contributes to the preservation of the natural taste. Characteristics of national […]

Voroshilovskiy Bridge

Locality: Rostov-on-Don Construction start 1961 / opening date: 1965 Original name: Voroshilovsky bridge Voroshilovsky bridge connects the two banks of the Don and is not only a continuation of the highway between the cities of Bataysk and Azov, but also one of the landmarks of Rostov. It is also an important transport section, along which you […]

Brussels public transport

Belgium a very densely populated country. It means that public transport well developed in every city, including Brussels. Residents of cities prefer to move by public transport, and not suffer in traffic jams and spend a lot of time looking for a free parking space. The population of Brussels with its suburbs only 2 million people. But […]

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