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Car Sharing in Brussels

Car sharing is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation in Brussels, as more and more people seek sustainable and affordable alternatives to traditional car ownership. Car sharing services allow users to rent a car for short periods of time, typically by the hour or day, and often include fuel, insurance, and maintenance in the […]

Voroshilovskiy Bridge

Locality: Rostov-on-Don Construction start 1961 / opening date: 1965 Original name: Voroshilovsky bridge Voroshilovsky bridge connects the two banks of the Don and is not only a continuation of the highway between the cities of Bataysk and Azov, but also one of the landmarks of Rostov. It is also an important transport section, along which you […]

Brussels public transport

Belgium a very densely populated country. It means that public transport well developed in every city, including Brussels. Residents of cities prefer to move by public transport, and not suffer in traffic jams and spend a lot of time looking for a free parking space. The population of Brussels with its suburbs only 2 million people. But […]

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