Finnish Cuisine

Modern Finnish cuisine is the heir to the old ways of preparing food from ingredients available in the north. Its formation took place under the influence of local natural conditions and cuisines of neighboring countries. Finnish recipes are simple, few ingredients and surprising combinations. The main features of the national Finnish cuisine The cold climate in […]

Spa Hotels in Helsinki

There are many hotels in Helsinki with modern SPA complexes with indoor and outdoor pools, saunas and baths. Here you can get a full range of relaxing and wellness spa treatments and fully unwind in cozy rooms with comfort and all modern conveniences. All hotels presented in the selection have an excellent location and high ratings […]

Best time to visit Finland

Finland in winter The weather in Finland in winter. Meets all the notions of a winter fairy tale. In the north of the country. Beyond the Arctic Circle, the snow cover reaches 40 centimeters. There is a little less snow in the center and in the south. But you guaranteed 10-15 centimeters of snow for […]

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