Umrah Package From Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a convenient city to depart from for your Umrah trip. With many airlines flying in and out of the city’s international airport, it’s easy to find a direct flight to Jeddah or Medina. And with Frankfurt being the fifth busiest airport in Europe, you’re likely to find a cheap flight. There are many […]

Umrah Package From Germany

When undertaking the Umrah, a pilgrimage to Mecca, it often recommended to book an all-inclusive package deal. This can save time and money, as well as giving the peace of mind that everything taken care of. When choosing an Umrah package from Germany, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure […]

The Capital of Germany

What is the Capital of Germany? The city of Berlin is the official capital of Germany and the main center for many of its regions. Berlin is located in the northern part of Germany within the geographical axis between West and East; In 1871, it became the capital of Prussia, but interest in the city […]

Dishes of Germany

German cuisine is characterized by a hearty, simple food with the addition of a small amount of spices. The main dishes of Germany are prepared from pork, beef, cabbage, potatoes and other vegetables. The country is famous for different types of sausages, thick soups, pastries, but each region has its own recipes. Characteristics of the […]

Berlin Cathedral

In the center of Berlin on the river Spree, a monumental building with five green domes rises – the Berlin Cathedral. The largest Protestant church in Germany and the resting place of the royal dynasty of the Hohenzoller family is mesmerizing with its beauty and grandeur. The birth of the temple The birth of the […]

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate, the former gateway to Berlin, has become one of the main icons of the German capital. And is a symbol of the triumph of peace over arms. This is a symbol of its two-hundred-year history, in which the war with France, the Cold War. The division of the country into West and […]

Berlin in 3 days: City tour

Catch the spirit of Berlin with this 3-day itinerary through the German capital. DAY ONE: Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island Start your exploration of Berlin with a top-down view of the city. Book your tickets for the Reichstag Dome in advance. From here, head south past the Sinti and Roma Memorial. To photograph the Brandenburg […]

Frankfurt Public Transport

Frankfurt is a German city with a population of 700,000 people. With a well-developed public transport network. There are subways, trams, trains, buses, taxis and night buses. Next in the article I will tell about the cost of travel. You will see the schemes of subways, trams. And learn where and how to buy tickets. […]

Munich Public Transport

A brief of transport feature in Munich Munich’s public transport includes bus, tram, U-Bahn (metro) and S-Bahn (urban train). All urban transport connected. To a complex inter connected convenient network.Which zones the Munich public transport network divided into? The plan of public transport in Munich. Decorated in 4 colors. Each color denotes a specific area. […]

Hamburg Public Transport

Public transport in Hamburg includes. Buses, metro, commuter trains, ferries and taxis. In the article, we will deal with local transport routes. Fares and find out where to buy tickets. City and long-distance buses in Hamburg There are 100 city bus routes in Hamburg. The city buses red and white. You can find out their […]

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