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Car Sharing in Dublin

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and home to over 1.3 million people. With its narrow streets, limited parking, and heavy traffic, getting around Dublin can be a challenge. Fortunately, car sharing has emerged as a popular transportation option in the city, offering residents and visitors a convenient, affordable, and sustainable way to access […]

Irish Foods

Traditional Irish cuisine will appeal to those who love delicious and hearty food made from available ingredients. The population of the island is proud of its national dishes, because many of them appeared during the time of the Vikings. In order not to violate the technology of cooking, famous chefs from the Emerald Isle (another name […]

Castles in Ireland

Ireland’s eventful history has left countless attractions. Castles occupy a special place among these memorable places. Some have now become hotels or museums. Some are forgotten and destroyed. Descendants of glorious Irish families still live somewhere. Each castle has its own mysterious story, shrouded in rumors and mysticism, associated with secrets and ghosts. Most of […]

Public Transport in Dublin

Tickets for Dublin Public Transport Public transport can be paid for. By purchasing a ticket for one trip. With Leap Visitor Card. If you come to Dublin for a few days. It is best to buy a Leap Visitor Card for 1.3 or 7 days to pay for public transport. The card entitles you to […]

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