Verona Guide

Verona Verona is one of the most famous tourist cities in Italy. The Verona city of Romeo and Juliet itself attracts tourists. As well as numerous ski resorts located in transport accessibility. And, of course, the Italian lakes: Garda and Como. Verona is two thousand years of history. Which frozen in charming old streets. An […]

Riding through Milan, Italy, June 2...
Riding through Milan, Italy, June 2009

Florence Public Transportation

Public transport tickets in Florence There are the following types of tickets for tram and bus in Florence: paper ticket for 1 trip at a price of € 1.5 paper ticket for 4 trips at a price of € 4.7 plastic ticket for 10 trips at a price of € 14 You must buy a […]

Turin Public Transport

Public transport tickets in Turin In Turin, there are unified tickets for travel, i.e. they can be used by metro, bus, tram. Prices are for 2020. Type of Ticket Ticket price Ticket for 1 ride on city routes (90 minutes) 1,5 Euro Ticket for 1 ride on city and suburban routes (90 minutes) 1,7 Euro 1-day ticket […]

Public Transport in Rome

Ticket prices in Rome The table below shows the prices for travel on urban public transport in Rome, current for 2020. Ticket name Time of action Price in EUR One-way ticket BIT (you can make transfers) 100 minutes € 1.5 10 10-BIT tickets 100 minutes € 15 Day pass 24H 24 hours € 7 2-Day […]

Pisa Public Transport

Pisa Public Transport Tickets For 2020, the following fares apply to public transport in Pisa: 1-ride ticket valid for 70 minutes with connection options: €1.5 Same ticket for 1 trip bought from the driver: €2.5 Pack of 10 tickets for 1 trip: €14 1-month pass: €35 Where can you buy tickets? Tickets can purchase at […]

Public Transport in Naples

Naples Public Transport Tickets Tickets for public transport in Naples can Buy. At any kiosk that says Tabacchi. Metro tickets selling at vending machines at every station. The easiest ticket you can use. Moving around the city center is a 90-minute ticket for €1.1. Free public transport in Naples is only available. For children under […]

Public Transport in Sardinia

Sardinia’s public transport system includes buses, trains and metro. The island’s capital, Cagliari, boasts one of the most advanced public transport systems in all of Italy, which has won numerous awards. Buses in Sardinia City bus routes City bus routes in the largest cities of Sardinia – Cagliari, Alghero, Olbia – are operated by CTM. Since the […]

Public Transport in Milan

Public transport in Milan represented. By an extensive network of. Buses, trams, metro, suburban railways, and taxis. Milan is the most important transport hub in Italy. And also the largest air hub. In this article I will give a complete overview of urban transport. And how to use it. Ticket prices Before describing the main […]

Genoa Public Transport

Public transport in Genoa represented by an extensive network of bus routes, electric trains, metro, elevators, and funicular. In this article, we will tell you how to use local public transport, where to buy tickets and see the transport schedule. Genoa is famous for its elevation changes, so information about the operation of local public transport […]

Verona Public Transport

Urban public transport in Verona represented only by buses – both urban and suburban. Verona is also a major railway junction from which you can reach most of the major cities in Italy – Mantua, Vicenza, Venice, etc. You will hardly need public transport in Verona – most of the city can reach on foot. Book […]

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