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Sights of Verona

Located roughly in the middle of the road between Milan and Venice, Verona is rightfully one of the most popular tourist cities in Italy and impresses travelers with its art, monuments, opera and literary fame. Verona is located on the bend of the Adige River, which originates in the Alps. The historic center of Verona, Centro […]

Verona Guide

Verona Verona is one of the most famous tourist cities in Italy. The Verona city of Romeo and Juliet itself attracts tourists. As well as numerous ski resorts located in transport accessibility. And, of course, the Italian lakes: Garda and Como. Verona is two thousand years of history. Which frozen in charming old streets. An […]

Verona Public Transport

Urban public transport in Verona represented only by buses – both urban and suburban. Verona is also a major railway junction from which you can reach most of the major cities in Italy – Mantua, Vicenza, Venice, etc. You will hardly need public transport in Verona – most of the city can reach on foot. Book […]

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