Portuguese Foods

Portuguese cuisine is not as famous as neighboring Spanish or Italian. Gastronomic tours to this calm and secluded country are gaining more and more popularity. The specifics of Portuguese cuisine The culinary specialties shaped by Roman and Moorish influences. The inhabitants of the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula adopted the recipes for many distinctive dishes, spices […]

Belém Tower

Construction start 1515 / opening date:1521 Architect: Francisco de Arruda Original name: Torre de Belém (literal translation – Tower of Bethlehem) Belém Tower is a fort on an island located in the Tagus River. It built to commemorate the discovery of Vasco da Gama’s sea route to India. This a stunning architectural monument that considered the main […]

Castles in Portugal

This was supposed to be a list of just ten castles, but in a country with hundreds of fortifications, that turned out to be impossible. So here is a selection of the 20 most impressive castles or fortresses in Portugal, many of them built more than a millennium ago by the Moors, and others between […]

Lisbon public transport

Public land transport in Lisbon. Managed by the Carris company (the company’s website is http://www.carris.pt/en/home). Which began its activities in the city back in the 70s of the 19th century. Today it is in charge of city buses, trams, and funiculars. In addition, Lisbon has a metro system http://www.metrolisboa.pt/eng/Ferry services connecting the opposite bank of […]

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