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Average Price of Hotels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a popular tourist destination, known for its vibrant culture, picturesque canals, and historic architecture. As such, it attracts millions of visitors every year, many of whom require accommodations. In this article, we’ll explore the average price of hotels in Amsterdam to help travelers plan their trip more effectively. Table of Contents 1. Introduction […]

Where to go from Amsterdam for 1 day

Far from Amsterdam , another Holland opens up without crowds with cameras, but with sincerity, order and real life. Where to go for a day from the party capital to gain new emotions and be filled with impressions, we tell in this article. Pacification of the elements Zandvoort aan Zee First of all, go to […]

How to get from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and From Eindhoven to Rotterdam

The Netherlands boasts a well-developed transport system. Operators are on duty at each central station, ready to help with choosing the best route, so it is convenient for tourists to move around the country . Today we will tell you about several travel options to Rotterdam. How to get to Rotterdam from Schiphol airport? Most […]

Shopping in Amsterdam

Flea markets in Amsterdam Shopping in Amsterdam is fun and addictive, whether you’re used to big shopping malls. Or more drawn to treasures hidden in the depths of flea markets. In Amsterdam, you will find everything from expensive jewelry to outlandish souvenirs. Boutiques in Amsterdam Lovers of luxury brands and luxury goods should definitely check […]

Public transport in Amsterdam

Public transport in Amsterdam is both simple and complex. Regardless of the goals set. Each traveler. Uses the services of the transport network of this or that city. The main municipal transport company in Amsterdam is GVB. The transport system of Amsterdam has a zonal structure. The division of the city into zones can seen […]

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