Things To Do in Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, located on the shores of the sparkling lake of the same name. It is an influential financial center with the highest standard of living in the world. By train from Zurich’s main railway station, you can reach the mountain peaks in a matter of minutes and enjoy the fresh, clear […]

Things to do in Geneva

Geneva is a city of stereotypes. You can destroy them only by coming here in person. Yes, it’s full of money, fondue, chocolate and watches. But Geneva is also renowned for its cultural diversity and creativity, especially when it comes to areas such as the Grottoes or Carouge. Geneva continues to be the capital of world diplomacy, home […]

Things to Do in Bern

When visitors first see Bern, they are delighted with the beauty of its views. The capital of Switzerland is built on a sandstone ridge, surrounded on three sides by the Aare River, which flows through the valley. High bridges link the city to the upland on the right bank of the river and to new urban areas. […]

Things to Do in Basel

Cozy and pleasant to walk, Basel, located on the banks of the Rhine River, is located at the intersection of the Swiss, German and French borders. Basel’s art and culture put it on a par with other outstanding cities in the world. Altstadt (Old Town) is a cluster of alleys and streets with monumental sights in […]

Swiss Foods

Located among the picturesque Alps at the junction of the western, southern and central parts of the European continent, Switzerland is interesting for travelers for its natural and cultural diversity. Among those who wish to spend their holidays here not boring and profitable, there are true gastronomes. Their goal to get acquainted with the national cuisine […]

Best Luxury Hotels in Bern

Bellevue Palace Hotel Bern Located in Bern, steps from the Clock Tower and the Federal Palace. The Berner Munster Museum and Bern Historical Museum are about 10 minutes. This non-smoking hotel. Features a restaurant and a fitness centre. As well as free WiFi in public areas. Features include a café, lunchroom, sauna and valet parking […]

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