Taxi in Turkey

The taxi service in Turkey very developed, because millions of tourists come here every year who need a comfortable way to move around the city. If you understand all the nuances of using a taxi, you can quickly and relatively inexpensively get to your destination. Features of the Turkish taxi The official Turkish taxi is a compact […]

Amasya Public Transport

Amasya Public Transport At the Amasya Terminal, which is located just outside the city, many alternative modes of transportation are provided for passengers to reach the city center comfortably and easily. Municipal Buses You can easily reach the city center every half hour by municipal buses with stops on Mehmet Varinli Street, just opposite the […]

Public Transport in Alanуa

In Alanya, public transport is well developed – buses. There is no tram or metro in Alanya. Buses can travel from one beach to another, get to the center and many attractions. In this article the scheme of bus routes of Alanya and the prices of travel. Alanya Bus Types 1. Ordinarу citу buses. It […]

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world. The majestic cathedral is one of the few monumental monuments that have survived to this day in all its splendor. Here, Christian mosaics coexist with Arabic script, energy is beyond description, and legends pale in comparison with reality. Hagia Sophia: history The […]

Demre Myra Kekova

Excursion Demre – Mira – Kekova is one of the most interesting in Turkey. During the trip, travelers will see the intersection of four ancient cultures – Roman, Lycian, Byzantine, Hellenic. The contemplation of the creations of human hands will be accompanied by rocky shores, warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, small authentic Turkish villages, in […]

Aktur Park

The Aktur Park amusement park is very popular among vacationers in the resorts of Antalya and Kemer. On its territory, more than 40 types of attractions offered, aimed at both the smallest visitors and adults. It will be interesting for kids to ride in one of the trains of the children’s railway. On various merry-go-rounds, jump […]


Where is ancient Aspendos Aspendos is an ancient city in the historical region of Pamphylia (a coastal region in the southern part of modern Turkey) located about 40 km east of modern Antalya. The distance from Belek to Aspendos is 18 km, from Side 35 km, and from Alanya and Kemer 94 km. The city is located on […]

Manavgat Waterfall

The Turkish province of Antalya has long been famous for its resorts with a popular all-inclusive concept, an abundance of fruits, a variety of dishes, animators and children’s playgrounds. And also there is amazingly beautiful nature, healing air and picturesque places. The main attractions of Antalya and the adjacent resorts include the waterfall and the Manavgat River. […]


General Information Mineral water, heated by the bowels of the earth to +30 … +100 ° C, for thousands of years flowed down the slopes of the plateau, forming travertines – small natural pools of bizarre shape with limestone rims. The springs, supersaturated with calcium bicarbonate, form a precipitate of the purest snow-white color on the […]

Aqualand Antalya

Resume Aqualand is the second largest water park in Turkey after Adaland in Kusadasi. The park has been receiving visitors since 1996. To services of visitors – slides of varying difficulty and height for all age groups. Among the most popular attractions in the park are: an artificial wave pool with an area of ​​800 sq. m; 320-meter attraction […]

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