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Ukrainian Foods

Ukrainian cuisine is characterized by a wide choice of dishes and original traditions. Its development took place over several centuries, and many national dishes were glorified by writers and poets. Now Ukrainian dishes are prepared and served in the best restaurants in the world. Description of Ukrainian cuisine The formation of the cuisine of Ukraine […]

St. Andrew’s Church kyiv

St. Andrew’s Church in Kiev is an Orthodox church in honor of the Apostle Andrew the Primordial, built in the Baroque style by the architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli in 1754. The emergence of St. Andrew’s Church Many legends associated with the emergence of St. Andrew’s Church in Kiev. One of them tells that the apostle of Jesus […]

Petinsky overpass in Kharkov

The increased attention to the aesthetic problems of bridge construction has also manifested itself in the architectural solutions of some city overpasses. In the early 1910s. in Moscow, on Kalanchevskaya Square (now Komsomolskaya Square), the construction of the building of the Kazan railway station, designed by the architect A.V.Shchusev, began. In the picturesque silhouette of the station, […]

Golden Gate in Kyiv

Practical every sightseeing tour of Kiev begins with a visit to the Golden Gate. Locals consider this building to be the symbol of the Ukrainian capital, although in fact what the guests of the city see today is just a modern building. The Golden Gate of Kyiv is one of the few architectural monuments that […]

Luxury Hotels in Odessa

NEMO Hotel Resort & Spa The NEMO Hotel Resort & Spa a synonym for a wonderful unforgettable vacation. A luxurious SPA-zone, a gorgeous beach complex, sea views of terraces. A fitness club, a beauty salon, a dolphinarium, an oceanarium. This’s not the whole arsenal of pleasures. This hotel has rooms of various categories, including family […]

Best Luxury Hotels in Lviv

Hotel Citadel Inn Hotel “Citadel Inn” is an ideal option for those who want to feel the historical color of the city. whose architecture keeps traces of different styles and cultures. Western Ukraine is rich in architectural monuments and castles. The restaurant and hotel complex located in an old citadel. Guests offered 3 types of […]

Best Luxury Hotels in Kyiv

Hotel Premier Palace Kiev The fashionable Premier Palace Hotel located in the center of Kiev. Hotel guests can use the services of SPA and wellness center, sauna, dry cleaning, safe. VIP-services, gift shop, gym. The design of the rooms made in different colors in a classic style. The hotel rooms have all the amenities: spacious […]

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