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Language do they speak in Ethiopia

What language is spoken in Ethiopia? Ethiopia is one of the largest countries in Africa, which has the strongest ethno-cultural diversity. On such a huge area, about 95,000,000 people live, who belong to hundreds of ethnic groups and peoples. As a result, the country has a large number of dialects and dialects, but only Amharic […]

French Phrases for Travel

French phrase book for tourists is a very useful thing when traveling not only to France, but also to Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, a number of African countries, etc. Over 270 million people in the world are able to speak French. The French phrasebook contains a number of commonly used expressions on various topics that can […]

Arabic Phrases for Travel

In this article, I will write phrases in Arabic that will make your vacation easier and win over the local population. Hearing Arabic speech from the lips of a tourist is not only pleasant, but also useful for him. So the phrases will help us: brush aside pestering, buy cheaper souvenirs, haggle in a taxi, get […]

Common Spanish Phrases for Travel

You have booked a ticket. Your baggage is already packed. You can’t wait to start your journey in a country where everyone speaks Spanish. There is another simple thing you can do that will come in handy on your trip: learn a few Spanish phrases! Travel will definitely be much more fun and rewarding if you can communicate […]

Common Chinese Phrases for Travelers

when traveling around the cities and resorts of China, since not everyone knows English. Chinese is one of the most widely spoken modern languages, with a total of over 1.5 billion speakers. Chinese is spoken in almost all countries of the world, but it is worth noting that many dialect groups, a written hieroglyphic form, and […]

Danish language

What language do the Danes speak? The Danish kingdom attracts a lot of attention from travelers from all over the world. About 6,000,000 people live in Denmark, most of whom are of Scandinavian origin. Please note that immigration in the country is practically not developed. There are also quite a few small population groups. As a result, only […]

Languages of Russia 

What languages ​​do the peoples of Russia speak? Russia acts as a multinational country, where a large number of languages ​​are used and quietly “get along”. According to the latest research by linguists, about 150 languages ​​are equally used on the territory of modern Russia. By the way, most of these languages ​​have internal and external […]

Languages of Argentina

What language do Argentines speak? Argentina is a unique country. It is rich in history and culture, and many travelers go to Argentina to see its natural attractions. But, as in any state, people in Argentina speak their own language. What language do Argentines speak? Will the residents who came to the country from Europe, Russia or Asia understand […]

Language Spoken in Sweden

What language do the Swedes speak? If we talk about the language spoken in Sweden, we can say that despite the large influx of immigrants and thanks to the widespread use of English, most Swedes still speak Swedish. This language is included in the eastern subgroup of the Scandinavian group of Germanic languages. By the way, if […]

Countries speak Portuguese

Which countries speak Portuguese? The Portuguese language, along with Spanish and English, is indeed widely spoken throughout the world. It is spoken by the population of four continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and South America). This small state, which is located in the west of Europe, was able to spread its language norms in Brazil and China. A similar […]

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