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How Many Days is Enough for a trip to Cuba

When it comes to planning the perfect trip to Cuba, there are a few things to take into account. Travel style, desired activities, and group size can all affect how long your stay should be. Keep reading for the insider tips on how many days is enough for a trip to Cuba. How Many Days […]

How Many Beaches Are in Cuba

Cuba is a well-known tourist destination for a plethora of reasons: its stunningly beautiful beaches, interesting history, and rich culture, to name a few. Out of Cuba’s many attractions, its beaches are some of the most popular. But just how many beaches does this island nation have? And what makes each one unique? This article […]

Urban Taxi in Cuba

Since 2008, Cuba has united all taxi carriers into a single official organization under the Cubataxi brand. Despite this, carriers use their former names. The state taxi business of Cuba represented by three large companies: “Сubanacan” has in its fleet cars “Mercedes”, the cost is higher than average. “Turistaxi” owns a fleet of Japanese cars, […]

Capital of Cuba

What is the Capital of Cuba? Havana, the capital of Cuba The capital, Havana, has an important commercial position in the country. It is the main port and commercial center of Cuba. It is considered one of the largest cities in Cuba and the Caribbean in terms of population, with a population of more than […]

Cuban Cuisine

Cuban cuisine is a mix of Spanish, African, Creole cuisine. It is characterized by its own unique ingredients and recipes from the Caribbean. And although it may seem that this cuisine is primitive due to the economic situation in the country, the dishes of this island are unique due to the prevailing traditions. Description of Cuban […]

Kid-Friendly Hotel in Holguin

It is unlikely that it will be possible to spend the holidays in an economy format. On the coast of Holguin, expensive resorts prevail, many have the status of elite, and three-star ones are rather an exception. There are not many attractions outside the territories, this resort is designed for those who wish to live for a […]

Cayo Coco hotels for families with children

The island managed to acquire two dozen resorts. Most of them are huge complexes, positioning themselves as hotels for children, seed couples and elderly people. Many belong to the famous world chains, therefore they are ready to offer a high-level service. Absolutely all are located by the sea, have their own beaches, equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas and […]

Family Hotels in Varadero

The hotel fund in Varadero is mostly represented by old resorts, built 20-30, or even more years ago. They are in no hurry to update the content and interiors. However, you can relax in a big way, the premium class is also presented. Such resorts were built under the auspices of European hotel chains, but living in […]

Luxury Hotels in Havana

The rating has been compiled taking into account the professional assessments of international hospitality associations and guest reviews. The list of the best hotels in Havana includes 5-star complexes with an impeccable reputation. Eminent guests of the Cuban capital and discerning guests often stay in each of them. Hotel Saratoga Havana 5* The largest hotel in Old […]

Havana Public Transportation

Havana Buses City buses in Havana called “guagua”. There are often whole queues at the waiting areas for the bus, so you should always find out who is the last in line. The bus ticket costs 5 cents when paid in Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC). When traveling on a city bus, keep a close eye on your belongings […]

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