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Luxury Hotels in Washington DC

High-end hotels in Washington DC are contemporary luxury intertwined with a rich history. Our list includes unique hotel complexes that meet the highest standards and are distinguished by impeccable service. Positive feedback from guests and the highest professional ratings, as well as the presence of prestigious international awards, played an important role. Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square […]

Lubec Maine

Lubec Maine History Lubec Maine a small 1,400 inhabitants, a city in the United States, in northeastern Maine. The most eastern city in the United States. Lubek was originally a part of the town and became an independent town in 1811. The city named after the city of Lubeck, located in Germany. Lubek developed as […]

Hotels in Washington DC USA – the best hotel to choose in Washington DC

Washington’s hotels are the most convenient places. For tourists who come to see the capital of the United States. In 2018, this city considered one of the most expensive in America. Housing prices are even higher than in New York hotels. Even, if desired, every traveler can find a hotel in Washington. According to their […]

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