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How Many Beaches Are in Argentina

Argentina is a country with a lot to offer tourists. From the bustling city of Buenos Aires to the stunning scenery of Patagonia, there is something for everyone. For those looking to enjoy the country’s coastline, there are over 200 beaches to choose from. In this article, we will take a look at some of […]

Best Coffee Shops in Buenos Aires

The capital of Buenos Aires stands out for its nostalgia, novelty and vibrant activity, all of which takes place in the coffee shops in Buenos Aires. In this article we will list the best coffee shops in Buenos Aires so you do not miss out on experiencing it. PROA Coffee The cafeteria of the PROA […]

Capital of Argentina

What is the Capital of Argentina? The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires. Being the eighth largest country in the world, Argentina occupies vast territories of the South American mainland – more than 2.8 million square kilometers. Its northern neighbors are Paraguay and Bolivia , eastern – Brazil and Uruguay , in the south – […]

Argentinean Cuisine

Argentine cuisine has absorbed the best gastronomic traditions of many peoples and cultures. National products are meat dishes from veal and beef, local pastries, wines, as well as exotic ostrich steak and oxtails. General characteristics of the national Argentine cuisine Argentine cuisine is characterized by such features: a lot of vegetables, root vegetables, cereals are […]

The Best Luxury Hotels In Buenos Aires

9/10 From 165.00 /per night 9/10 From 322.00 /per night 9.2/10 From 125.00 /per night 8.9/10 From 148.00 /per night 8.8/10 From 152.00 /per night 8.7/10 From 189.00 /per night 8.7/10 From 186.00 /per night 8.6/10 From 225.00 /per night 8.6/10 From 115.00 /per night 8.5/10

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