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food types in hotels in brazil

Looking for something different in your hotel breakfast spread? Or perhaps you’re curious about what type of snacks and desserts you might find in a Brazilian hotel? Read on to learn about some of the most popular food items you’ll find in hotels throughout Brazil. From cheese bread and açaí bowls to picanha steak and […]

How Many Beaches Are in Brazil

Brazil is a country with an immense coastline and a plethora of beaches. These beaches vary widely in terms of atmosphere and crowding. Whether you’re looking for a party scene or a place to relax, you’re sure to find the perfect beach in Brazil. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of beaches you […]

Capital of Brazil

What is the Capital of Brazil? Brasilia the current capital of the State of Brazil, preceded by the city of Salvador. Then the city of Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia established in the central western part of the country as part of President Joselino Kubitschek’s national modernization plan during the period between 1956 AD to […]

Brazilian Dishes

The national cuisine of each country demonstrates the character of the inhabitants, the history and culture of the people, values ​​and traditions. Brazilian dishes amaze with their variety, exotic combinations, an explosion of flavors and aromas. This is a real carnival, in which you should definitely take part. Characteristics of the national cuisine of Brazil The […]

Luxury hotels in Rio de Janeiro

The Best Rio de Janeiro hotel ratings are based on professional ratings, prestigious awards and guest reviews. You can be sure of an impeccable service and full compliance with international luxury standards. Belmond Copacabana Palace 5 * The luxurious 5-star Belmond Hotel is located on one of the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana. Enjoy fantastic […]

Rio de Janeiro Public Transportation

Tram in Rio de Janeiro For the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The modern VLT light rail tram launched. At the moment, the tram route network consists of 3 lines and 42 stations. It covers only the center of Rio. The tram routes operated by modern light low-floor. Rolling stock from the French company Alstom. […]

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