National Parks in Canada

Canada’s national parks are considered some of the most beautiful in the world. From snowy mountain peaks to clear lakes and green valleys, Canadian parks have it all. It is not fair to advise one another, the best thing would be to cross the country and visit them all. Some of Canada’s oldest national parks […]

Capital of Canada

What is the Capital of Canada? Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Ottawa is one of the unique cities in Canada. It has many national landmarks such as Parliament Hill (the same building as the Houses of Parliament in England). The National Gallery of Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint, Rideau Canal, Scotiabank Place and others […]

Canadian Foods

Traditional dishes of Canada not familiar to anyone, which is undeserved. The use of products familiar to any European – meat, vegetables, spices – for cooking makes the food of Canadians tasty, hearty and simple. There are original recipes that will appeal even to gourmets. General characteristics of Canadian national cuisine The Canadian menu represented […]

Luxury Hotels in Vancouver

The rating of the best five-star hotels in Vancouver is compiled taking into account the quality of service, room equipment and compliance with modern premium standards. Guest reviews and international professional ratings played an important role. Rosewood Hotel Georgia 5 * One of Vancouver’s finest hotels, Rosewood is a flawless embodiment of 1920s-era grandeur and contemporary […]

Canada Itinerary- 13 Days – The best All times

First time to Canada where to go? Canada seems to most travelers to be a distant and incomprehensible country. Many would like to travel around the United States, have heard a lot about the countries of Latin America, but here is Canada … What is there, on the other half of the globe? What to do, what […]

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