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Car Sharing in Mexico

Car sharing has become an increasingly popular concept in Mexico, as more and more people look for alternatives to traditional car ownership. Car sharing allows individuals to rent vehicles on a short-term basis, often by the hour or day, and is a cost-effective and convenient way to access transportation when needed. In this article, we’ll […]

ABQ Tram Tickets

The ABQ Tram is a popular attraction in Albuquerque, New Mexico, offering stunning views of the Sandia Mountains and the surrounding area. To make the most of your visit, it’s important to purchase your tickets beforehand to avoid long lines and ensure availability. II. Types of ABQ Tram Tickets III. Where to Purchase ABQ Tram […]

Average Cost of a Hotel Room in Mexico

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost to stay in a hotel. The average cost of a hotel room in Mexico City is $129 per night, while the average cost of a hotel room in Cancun is $152 per night. However, there are many factors that affect […]

Food Types in Hotels in Mexico

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, you’re probably wondering what kind of food you’ll find in the hotels. While the food types in hotels in Mexico vary depending on the hotel, some of the most popular options are Mexican, American, and Italian dishes. If you’re looking for something a little less common, you might […]

Bus Station in Playa Del Carmen

The bus station in Playa del Carmen is a great choice for travelers looking for a central, clean, and well-serviced location. In this article, we’ll take a look at the location of the bus station, the bus lines that operate out of it, and the services it offers travelers. We’ll also find out why the […]

Bus Stations in Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the busiest cities in the world, and its bus stations are a reflection of that. There are five main bus stations in the city, each with its own unique features. In this article, we’ll take a look at the five best bus stations in Mexico City. Central de Autobuses del […]

Bus Station in Tijuana

The bus station in Tijuana can be a busy and confusing place, but this guide will help you navigate it and have a safe and enjoyable trip. Be sure to purchase your tickets in advance and find the information booth when you arrive to help you locate your bus. With these tips, you can enjoy […]

Is it safe to drive in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful but dangerous place to drive. The conditions of the roads are poor and there are many hazards to be aware of. However, with some careful planning and preparation, driving in Cabo San Lucas can be a safe and enjoyable experience. In this article, we will discuss some of the […]

Is it safe to drive in Tulum

Looking to add a little excitement to your next vacation? How about driving in Tulum, Mexico? Tulum is a beautiful place with plenty to see and do. But before you hit the road, there are a few things you should know. The roads can be in poor condition and the drivers can be inexperienced, so […]

Cheapest Month to go to Mexico

When it comes to planning a trip to Mexico, there are a lot of factors to consider. But if your main goal is to save money, then you’ll want to pay attention to when you travel. The best time to travel to Mexico is during the shoulder season, when prices are lower and the weather […]

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