South America

Capital of Mexico

What is the Capital of Mexico? The official and political capital of the country Mexico is Mexico City. Mexico occupies the southern part of North America. The country has common borders with the United States (in the north), and with Guatemala and Belize (in the south). The coast of Mexico is washed from the west […]

Capital of Canada

What is the Capital of Canada? Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Ottawa is one of the unique cities in Canada. It has many national landmarks such as Parliament Hill (the same building as the Houses of Parliament in England). The National Gallery of Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint, Rideau Canal, Scotiabank Place and others […]

Capital of Brazil

What is the Capital of Brazil? Brasilia the current capital of the State of Brazil, preceded by the city of Salvador. Then the city of Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia established in the central western part of the country as part of President Joselino Kubitschek’s national modernization plan during the period between 1956 AD to […]

Argentinean Cuisine

Argentine cuisine has absorbed the best gastronomic traditions of many peoples and cultures. National products are meat dishes from veal and beef, local pastries, wines, as well as exotic ostrich steak and oxtails. General characteristics of the national Argentine cuisine Argentine cuisine is characterized by such features: a lot of vegetables, root vegetables, cereals are […]

Peruvian Cuisine

Peruvian cuisine is a prime example of a fusion style that combines culinary traditions of different peoples. Influenced by Asian and European gastronomic tastes, she combined the best that other cultures could give her without losing her own individuality. Peruvian cuisine is very diverse.  Overview of Peruvian cuisine Traditional Peruvian cuisine is characterized by a […]

Mexican Cuisine

The history of Mexican cuisine begins in the pre-Columbian era, when the territory of modern Mexico was inhabited by the Aztec and Mayan tribes. Aborigines ate local plants and animals, their diet was specific and tied to the place of residence. With the advent of the Spaniards in America and the mixture of 2 cultures, […]

Brazilian Dishes

The national cuisine of each country demonstrates the character of the inhabitants, the history and culture of the people, values ​​and traditions. Brazilian dishes amaze with their variety, exotic combinations, an explosion of flavors and aromas. This is a real carnival, in which you should definitely take part. Characteristics of the national cuisine of Brazil The […]

Canadian Foods

Traditional dishes of Canada not familiar to anyone, which is undeserved. The use of products familiar to any European – meat, vegetables, spices – for cooking makes the food of Canadians tasty, hearty and simple. There are original recipes that will appeal even to gourmets. General characteristics of Canadian national cuisine The Canadian menu represented […]

Machu Picchu

“Lost city”, “the last refuge of an ancient civilization”, “city in the clouds” – as soon as they do not call Machu Picchu, the ancient city of the Incas in Peru.Relatively well preserved after the destruction of the Spanish colonialists, it has become one of the centers of world tourism and an inexhaustible source of […]

Juan Dolio

For a visiting person, Juan Dolio is a small classic resort town stretching along the sea coast. All that here a fairly wide strip of good beach and a couple of roads, one of which connects many hotels and villas located a few meters from the beach area, and the other part of a modern […]

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