Western Union in Riyadh

Union Union Company all international companies working in the field of transfers around the world in a manner similar to bank transfers. The company’s headquarters in the United States of America are in Green, Wood Village, Colorado. This article will explain who, wonderful and farmer from offices in Riyadh.  Western Union Company Western Union Money […]

Pizza Restaurants in Jeddah

Italian pizza one of the most preferred dishes by many. Because it a delicious and delicious dish and prepared in many different forms and foods. It also one of the most famous dishes around the world and if you are a visitor to the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and want to eat a delicious […]

Japanese Restaurant in Riyadh

Japanese cuisine has developed over many centuries. Especially after multiple political events that made some changes in the way of cooking or adding new dishes. Japanese cuisine depends mainly on rice that served along with seafood or meat, and the most famous dishes of Japanese cuisine: sushi, unagi, takoyaki, tempura, and shiwakara. If you want […]

Abaya Shops in Makkah

Dar Al Abayat Al, Sharqiya Company This company offers women’s abayas, shawls and hijab clothes a variety and varied, and you can request to buy these products through its official website with shipping to the door of the house, and their prices are distinctive compared tocompetitorsand this police is located on Ibrahim Al-Khalil Road from Hilton store No. 67 from Haram Road in Makkah Al-Mukarramah and works daily from nine in the morning until eleven in the evening, as well as on Fridays. You can call them on the following number: 966566666326. Hijabi […]

Gold Shops in Jeddah

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are the best and most famous shops selling gold and diamonds, which is one of the largest factories for the manufacture of jewelry in the Middle East, so many visitors come to perform Umrah and then go to Jeddah to buy gold, as it is at reasonable prices, […]

Furniture Shops in Riyadh

Many people are looking for the best furniture stores in Riyadh to equip homes with the right furniture and get everything. That is distinctive and beautiful. Where the capital Riyadh includes a large number of furniture stores. Offer many diverse products to meet all needs, the process of furnishing the house is not easy, as […]

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Rooms

Featuring an on-site casino, Forum Shops, a premium spa and 7 swimming pools, this luxurious hotel is located on the Las Vegas Strip. Celebrity-owned restaurants are located in the hotel building. Important information:You must show a valid photo ID and credit card upon check-in. Please note that special requests cannot be guaranteed, and additional charges may apply. A […]

Capital of Pakistan

Capital of Pakistan Pakistan is an independent sovereign state, meaning its name in pure Urdu, or Pure Land, as it is officially known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, located in the south of the continent of Asia and overlooking the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman in the south, bordered to the east by India, to the west by Afghanistan, Iran in the southwest, and China in the far northeast. It is considered one of the largest countries inhabited by Muslims, it was founded on a […]

Countries speak the Portuguese language

Which countries speak the Portuguese language list? The Portuguese language is widely spoken throughout the world. It is spoken on four different continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and South America). Please note that such a small state, but has spread its language to the countries that are in Latin America and up to China. List of Portuguese speaking countries […]

Language of Italy

What language is spoken in Italy? Is it only Italian that is popular here? Let’s understand this issue in more detail. Italian is the official language of Italy. It is the only language that has received such a status on the territory of the Apennine Peninsula. Despite the identity in language norms, different regions of the country differ in […]

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